SSW Event Info and Booking | 2023

Summer Scientist is an annual event organised by the School of Psychology and hosted at the University of Lincoln. The event mixes research and fun and gives young scientists the opportunity to partake in a variety of fun activities while at the same time they learn about psychology and science. Our goal is to show children that science can be fun and inspire the next generation of scientists! The event is entirely free of charge, but you need to book a space. Please check the information below before you book.

What am I signing up for?

You are signing up for a morning or afternoon of free fun activities aimed at children between 3 to 11 years old (not yet moved up to secondary education). You will be booked into one session in the week of 21st – 25th August. The event takes place in the Sarah Swift Building, situated on the Brayford Pool Campus of the University. Once you arrive for your session a team of trained student volunteers, researchers and academics will play games with your children in the Fun-Zone and ask them to take part in our research studies which we call research ‘games’. These research ‘games’ are fun activities for children to enjoy, but they also allow experts at the university to learn about how children develop. You are welcome to watch your children take part in these ‘games’, or just enjoy the Fun-Zone with them. We have free Wi-Fi, poster displays and other information for the adults (parents, grandparents, carers) who accompany the kids.  If you have any questions about the set up of the event, please Email

Taking part in research studies

A number of research studies will be running during the summer scientist week. Your child will be invited to take part in some of these studies depending on their age. All the studies involve age appropriate tasks and children almost always enjoy them and complete them without any problems. However, if at any time a child appears unhappy with the game, it will be stopped immediately, and they are able to withdraw at any time. All the researchers have a lot of experience working with children.

Can I watch the studies?

All parents are asked to stay on site for the duration of their child’s morning or afternoon with us, which you confirm by signing a form that will be sent to you via email (we have spare copies at the event). There are seating areas and other things to keep you occupied but you are also very welcome to watch the studies. We understand that it may be tempting to help your child in the studies. However, any answers that your child gives (even those that appear ‘wrong’) are very informative for us. As such, we would be grateful if you did not help your child to complete any of the tasks.


To visit our booking page click here Please note that:

  • You will need to book a ticket for every child attending the event. You can book up to 4 tickets (i.e., 4 children and their guardians).
  • Group bookings (5 children and above) cannot be made via our online booking system. However, if you are part of a group we will try to book you in the same session. To do this email

The Summer Scientist Week contributes to research conducted on behalf of the University of Lincoln and has received a favourable ethical opinion by a University Research Ethics Committee (UoL2023_13949).