For everyone who has booked or is thinking of booking…

We have been fully booked every year, but the speed of bookings this year has been unprecedented and taken us by surprise. It looks like we are full for some or possibly all of the sessions. We are working our way through the bookings as quickly as we can and will let you know next week whether we have been able to allocate you a space or whether we had to put you on the waiting list. If you are booking a space now it is likely that we will put you on the waiting list. Sorry, we have limited spaces in each of the sessions.

We book on a simple first-come-first-served principle, which we feel is the fairest all around.

Please bear with us as we work through this and please also note that we are slower to respond to your queries than we’d like as we prioritise finalising the bookings.

Thank you!

6 Replies to “For everyone who has booked or is thinking of booking…”

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