Summer Scientist Week is back!

Summer Scientist week will run again in 2016. We have a bunch of psychology science games and fun on offer for 3 – 10 year olds in our free event. Come and join the fun, in one 3.5 hour session in the Minerva Building, University of Lincoln, from 22 – 26 August.

ssw-2016Complete information on the event to follow when bookingsopen soon.

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  1. please can you tell me if the bookings for summer scientist 2016 are open yet. The one link for bookings I found came up as page not found.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Lucy,
      bookings are not open yet and we are using a different system than in previous years, so the link has also changed. We are hoping to open bookings over the next few days and will post details immediately on here and on Facebook.
      Hope that helps,

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