Newsletter for the 2012 event

The eagerly awaited newsletter is here! In it you find details of what we did at Summer Scientist Week 2012 and all the things you helped us discover!

There are two versions of the newsletter to download – one is a smaller filesize, but it means the pictures are not so clear, and the other is a large filesize but has nice shiny pictures.

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2012 event and made it such a success! We could not do this without you!

newslettersummerscientist2012-mail (Smaller size)

newsletter2012 (Large size – takes long to load even on fast connection)

2 Replies to “Newsletter for the 2012 event”

  1. We did not get a place last year and looks like no point trying this year . Maybe be you should have a waiting list so people that have missed out get the chance next year as then more children would get the chance to experience it yours ally hart

    1. Hi Ally,
      sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you!
      We do have a waiting list and it is never too late to book on to that. We were surprised by how quickly the event booked out this year!
      When you have limited spaces it is always important to think of a fair way to allocate those. We have therefore operated a strict ‘first come, first served’ policy. We would love you to be able to come next year! If you email us – or – we can also alert you when bookings open.
      I am sorry you have missed out! Hope to see you next year!
      Best wishes

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